How to solve performance issues associated with the analysis of the posts?

The performance of the analysis on the posts performed by the plugin to receive information about the internal links, to collect information about the link juice and to receive internal links suggestions can degrade if one or more of the following conditions occur:

  • The blog has a high number of posts, and you are not limiting the analysis of the posts with the Analysis -> Limit Posts Analysis option
  • You have defined a high number of automatic internal links with the AIL menu
  • The server performance is very poor

If you want to complete the analysis of the posts in a few seconds is therefore very import to:

  • Use the Analysis -> Limit Posts Analysis option properly
  • Delete all the unused automatic internal links in the AIL menu
  • Run WordPress on a server with good performance

Avoid the “Maximum execution time of x seconds exceeded” error

Some servers have a limited maximum number of seconds allowed to execute PHP scripts defined with the max_execution_time PHP directive, and this prevents the analysis on your posts to be completed properly.

If this is your case set “Yes” on the Analysis -> Set Max Execution Time option and enter a custom appropriate value in the Analysis -> Max Execution Time Value option.

Avoid the “Allowed memory size of x bytes exhausted” error

Sometimes the PHP memory limit is very limited, and the analysis of the posts performed by this plugin might be not completed properly without increasing the PHP memory limit.

If you want to increase the PHP memory limit set “Yes” on the Analysis -> Set Memory Limit option and enter a custom appropriate value in the Analysis -> Memory Limit Value option.

Additional notes

The custom max_execution_time and memory_limit values defined with the plugin will be applied only on the scripts used by the plugin and won’t affect any script outside the plugin.

In some cases, the custom max_execution_time and memory_limit values defined through the plugin options (and applied with the ini_set() PHP function) are ignored. If this happens, you have to configure your server (or ask your hosting provider to configure) with different values in the max_execution_time and memory_limit directives.

If the max_execution_time and memory_limit values defined through the plugin option are ignored, and your current hosting plan doesn’t allow you to increase these values even manually after a support ticket, the only solution is to set a small value in the Limit Posts Analysis option and at the same time to keep a limited amount of automatic internal links.