Why are the manual internal links not detected?

There are two main reasons why Interlinks Manager does not detect the manual internal links.

The regular expressions used to detect the manual internal links in the posts have been created to detect links with the a elements defined using the HTML5 syntax defined by the W3C and with the href attribute that starts with the value of the Site Address (URL) option available in the Settings -> General menu. If the manual internal links don’t follow these standards, they might not be properly detected by Interlinks Manager.

The analyses performed by Interlinks Manager don’t detect the manual internal links applied through shortcodes. The reason is that these kinds of links are not available in the raw post content analyzed by this plugin.

In a subsite of a WordPress Network the links are considered manual internal links when the href attribute of the a element starts with the Site Address (URL) option available in the Settings -> General menu of the specific subsite of the WordPress Network.

If you are analyzing the manual internal links from the “My Site 1” site, that has in the Site Address (URL) the value “http://example.com/mysite1/”, the following links analyzed in the posts of “My Site 1” will be considered manual internal links:

  • http://example.com/mysite1/hello-world/
  • http://example.com/mysite1/about/

But won’t be considered manual internal links the following links:

  • http://example.com/hello-world/
  • http://example.com/about/
  • http://example.com/another-network-site/hello-world/