Hreflang Manager 1.07 has been released

This update for the Hreflang Manager WordPress plugin includes the ability to edit the hreflang data of posts, pages and custom post types with the new “Hreflang Manager” sidebar implemented with the Sidebar API.

The Hreflang Manager sidebar
The Hreflang Manager sidebar

Note that the sidebar is available only if in the WordPress installation the Gutenberg editor is enabled. If the Gutenberg editor is not enabled a meta box is used as a fallback.

The Hreflang Manager sidebar in action

In this video you can see how to open the sidebar and the modal window with included the input fields used to update the hreflang data.

Enable access to the sidebar only to specific users

The sidebar can be enabled only for users that have a specific capability with the Hreflang -> Options -> Editor Sidebar Capability option.

Please use this reference to determine the capabilities associated with the specific roles.

Additional Changes

The icon used to identify the Hreflang Manager main menu has been changed and is now the admin-site Dashicon.