High-performance automatic links plugin for WordPress

Automate your affiliate program, sell more products, link keywords that are part of a glossary, and more with the most advanced automatic links plugin for WordPress.

Generate automatic link statistics, bulk upload keywords, track the clicks on the links, configure limits, exclude blocks, and target post types, categories, or tags.

Autolinks Manager is available for free on WordPress.org and as a paid premium product on our website.
Autolinks Manager plugin for WordPress

How does Autolinks Manager work?

Autolinks Manager is a powerful yet easy-to-use automatic links plugin for WordPress. It generates links based on a list of provided keywords with related URLs. In addition, the plugin allows you to limit the number of links, exclude blocks and tags of the articles, and configure many other advanced options.

It takes just 3 simple steps…

Step 1

Add the keywords

Add a list of keywords with the related target URLs from a dedicated plugin menu. Alternatively, you can also bulk import the keyword from an existing spreadsheet.

We aim to increase the number of visitors to our product pages by applying automatic links to our blog articles. To achieve this, we manually add 100 keywords that link to our products.
Add the keywords
Step 2

Explore the statistics

Explore the detailed and exportable automatic link statistics provided by the plugin. Then use this information to fine-tune the plugin options and tailor the automatic links strategy based on the specific website's needs.

We ultimately want to create two automatic links to a product page in each blog article. This number grants a good amount of visitors to our product pages without annoying the users or damaging our SEO. To achieve this, we first configure the limit of automatic links per article to two and then verify the result of this change in the plugin reports.
Explore the statistics
Step 3

Activate the automatic links

The automatic links generated by the plugin are not hard-coded in the articles but applied through WordPress filters. Consequently, you can activate them on the live website only if they match your expectations.

We have now activated the automatic links on thousands of blog articles. In our case, applying this change has drastically increased the visits to the product pages and, consequently, the sales.
Activate the automatic links
Create a perfect automatic links strategy
Increase the visits on your product pages, boost the affiliate marketing earnings, link words that are part of a glossary, and more with the most advanced automatic links plugin for WordPress.


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  • All Pro Features


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  • All Pro Features


  • 25 Websites
  • 12 months of support & updates
  • All Pro Features
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the system requirements?

Your web server must run WordPress version 4.5 or greater and have at least PHP 5.3 installed. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of PHP for the best performance.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. Don't like the plugin for any reason? Send us an email at support@daext.com, and we will refund your entire purchase.

What happens when my license expires?

The plugin is open source. Autolinks Manager will continue working when your license expires, but you will no longer be able to download the latest plugin updates.

Is this a subscription service?

No. Your license is purchased with a single payment, and we do not process any recurring fees. If needed, you can manually buy additional years of plugin updates and premium support from your account.

Does it work in my language?
Autolinks Manager is designed to work with any WordPress translation plugin such as WPML and TranslatePress. This makes it easy for you to translate the text into any language.
Do you offer a trial version?
No, but you can experience part of the plugin functionalities with the free version of Autolinks Manager. A powerful WordPress plugin that you can use without limits.
What payment methods do you accept?
Thanks to the Stripe payment processing platform, we can accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country.
Where can I send a pre-purchase question?
Send your pre-purchase question to support@daext.com, and you will receive an answer in 24 hours. Note that we also respond to customers during weekends and holidays.
Free vs. Pro
Unlock all the plugin's powerful functionality.
Autolinks Manager
Autolinks Manager Pro
Automatic links statistics for each post
Filter and query the automatic links statistics
(Pro Version)
Exportable automatic links statistics in CSV format
(Pro Version)
Exportable click tracking data in CSV format
(Pro Version)
Bulk Operations
Bulk create automatic links by uploading keywords from an existing spreadsheet
(Pro Version)
Bulk delete internal plugin data
(Pro Version)
Bulk delete click tracking data
(Pro Version)
Automatic links
Create automatic internal and external links based on defined keyword
Apply the automatic links only on posts that belong to defined post types, categories, tags, and terms
Limit (with fixed and dynamic limits) the automatic links per article
Limit the automatic links per target URL
Preview the automatic links without affecting the public website
Prevent self-links (links to the page on which the link appears)
Protect editor blocks and HTML tags
Configure advanced regex options
Access Control
User permissions allow you to configure who can use the plugin menus and functionalities
(Pro Version)
Import and Export
Export the plugin configuration to backup your settings or to quickly set up the plugin on multiple websites
(Pro Version)
Additional features
Customize the pagination of the plugin menus
(Pro Version)
Click tracking
Track the clicks on the automatic links
(Pro Version)
24 hours response time
(Pro Version)
Support provided via email
(Pro Version)


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