Table of Contents

  1. Quick Start
  2. Credits
  3. FAQ

1) Quick Start

Follow this procedure to include the global site tag and the event snippet associated with the Google Ads conversion in your WordPress website.

  1. Enter in your Google Ads account
  2. Visit the Tools & Settings -> Conversions menu
  3. Click the name of the conversion un the Conversion action column
  4. Open the Tag setup section
  5. Select the Install the Tag yourself option
  6. Copy the Conversion ID from the Global site tag textarea or the Event snippet textarea
  7. Paste the Conversion ID in the Options -> Tag Setup -> Conversion ID option of the plugin
  8. Copy the Conversion Label from the Event snippet textarea
  9. Paste the Conversion Label in the Options -> Tag Setup -> Conversion Label option of the plugin

2) Credits

This plugin makes use of the following resources:

For each library, you can find the actual copy of the license inside the folder used to store the library files.

3) FAQ

PHP 5.3 and later versions are supported.

WordPress 4.5 and later versions are supported.