The Best Internal Linking Plugin for WordPress

Analyze the internal link structure, speed up the link-building process with the included link suggestions tool, create automatic links based on a list of keywords, and more.

Automatic Links
Detailed Statistics
Links Suggestions
Exportable Data
Internal Links Analysis

Generate Statistics About Your Internal Links

Retrieve information such as the number of internal links, the number of visits generated with your internal links, the internal links optimization status, and more with regular expressions applied to your posts.

Internal links statistics in the "Dashboard" menu of Interlinks Manager
Link Juice

Calculate the Link Juice of Each Page

Get information about the flow of link juice on the URLs of your website, and generate, for each URL, a detailed list of all the single links that contribute to generate the overall link juice.

The link power passed to the pages of the sites is visible in the "Juice" menu.
Internal Links Suggestions

Receive Internal Links Suggestions While Editing the Article

Quickly find articles related to the post being edited by taking advantage of the included suggestion system. The parameters used by this algorithm are customizable from the plugin option.

Internal links suggestions in the WordPress post editor
Automatic Links

Automatically Generate Links From a Defined List of Keywords

With Interlinks Manager, you can convert specific keywords or phrases to internal links. Use this feature to increase the visits to your product pages, automate your affiliate program, link keywords that are part of a glossary, and more.

The settings page of an automatic internal link in the back end of WordPress
Link Tracking

Collect Statistics on the Internal Links Clicks

Track every single click made by your visitors on the internal links. Information such as the IP address of the user that performed the click, the date on which the internal link has been clicked, and a reference to the post that includes the internal link will be available.

A click on an internal link is tracked in the front end of the website
Exportable Data

Read the Generated Statistics With Your Favorite Spreadsheet Software

The data about your internal links, the link juice, and the tracked links can be exported in CSV format, so you can use your favorite spreadsheet software to perform other analyses, modify, share, or print the data.

Internal links data in a Google Sheets spreadsheet
HTTP Status Checker

Easily Find Broken Links and Redirects

Verify which internal links are targeting pages with problematic status codes. The included HTTP status code checker is perfect to spot and correct broken links, redirects, and pages with technical problems.

The HTTP status codes associated with the internal links URLs are visible in a dedicated menu of the WordPress back end
Effortlessly Optimize Your Internal Link Structure
Optimize the amount and quality of the internal links, speed up the internal link-building process, and increase the visit to the cornerstone pages.


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Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the system requirements?

Your web server must run WordPress version 4.9 or greater and have at least PHP 5.2 installed. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of PHP for the best performance.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. Don't like the plugin for any reason? Send us an email at, and we will refund your entire purchase.

What are my purchase options?

Clicking the Buy button above will take you to the item page on Envato Market. There you can choose between a Standard License and an Extended License.

Can you tell more about Envato Market?

Envato Market is the leading marketplace for premium WordPress themes and plugins. We are authors on Envato Market, and Interlinks Manager Pro is part of our exclusive portfolio.

Does it work in my language?
Interlinks Manager is designed to work with any WordPress translation plugin such as WPML and TranslatePress. This makes it easy for you to translate the text into any language.
Do you offer a trial version?
No, but you can experience part of the plugin functionalities with the free version of Interlinks Manager. A powerful WordPress plugin that you can use without limits.
What are my payment options?
Envato Market accepts all major credit cards via Paypal or Skrill. Payments are made in U.S. Dollars. Please see this article for more information on the payment options.
Where can I send a pre-purchase question?
Send your pre-purchase question to, and you will receive an answer in 24 hours. Note that we also respond to customers during weekends and holidays.
Lite vs. Pro
Unlock all the plugin's powerful functionality.
Interlinks Manager
Interlinks Manager Pro
Internal Links Analysis
Internal links statistic for each post
Filter and query the internal links statistics
(Pro Version)
General link juice calculator
Link juice calculator per single URL
Internal links optimization functionalities in the post editor
Exportable internal links statistics in CSV format
Exportable link juice statistics in CSV format
Exportable HTTP status data in CSV format
(Pro Version)
Exportable click tracking data in CSV format
(Pro Version)
Bulk Operations
Bulk create automatic links by uploading keywords from an existing spreadsheet
(Pro Version)
Bulk delete internal plugin data
(Pro Version)
Bulk delete click tracking data
(Pro Version)
Automatic Links
Create automatic internal links based on defined keyword
(Pro Version)
Apply the automatic links only on posts that belong to defined post types, categories, tags, and terms
(Pro Version)
Limit (with fixed and dynamic limits) the automatic links per article
(Pro Version)
Limit the automatic links per target URL
(Pro Version)
Preview the automatic links without affecting the public website
(Pro Version)
Prevent self-links (links to the page on which the link appears)
(Pro Version)
Protect editor blocks and HTML tags
(Pro Version)
Configure advanced regex options
(Pro Version)
Access Control
User permissions allow you to configure who can use the plugin menus and functionalities
(Pro Version)
Internal Links Suggestions
Receive internal links suggestion from the editor sidebar
(Pro Version)
Configure the internal links suggestions algorithm based on your needs (set up the considered post types, the provided pool of results, and other advanced options)
(Pro Version)
Import and Export
Export the plugin configuration to backup your settings or to quickly set up the plugin on multiple websites.
(Pro Version)
Click Tracking
Track the clicks on the internal links
(Pro Version)


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