Are the automatic internal links hardcoded on the posts?

The post content stored in the WordPress database is never modified by this plugin.

This approach gives you the following benefits:

  • You don’t run the risk of damaging the content or the HTML structure of your posts.
  • You can change at anytime the structure of your auto internal links based on your needs and the statistics provided by Interlinks Manager.
  • You can test the application of the auto internal links with the Test Mode option available in the Interlinks -> Options -> Advanced menu without actually applying the auto internal links on the front-end.
  • You can at anytime delete the plugin if you don’t like it without permanent effects on your website content.

The auto internal links are applied with the add_filter() WordPress function after the post is retrieved from the database and before the post is printed to the screen.

The exact priority used in the filter can be defined with the Filter Priority option available in the Interlinks -> Options -> Advanced menu.