Configure the ElevenLabs Text to Speech Converter

ElevenLabs is a software company developing natural-sounding speech synthesis and text-to-speech software, using artificial intelligence and deep learning.

To configure the ElevenLabs as the text-to-speech converter used by the Real Voice plugin, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the Real Voice -> Options menu
  2.  Proceed to the Text-to-Speech tab
  3.  In the Text-to-speech Converter option select ElevenLabs (Cloud service). This option is available in the General section.
  4.  Click Save Settings

To use this text-to-speech converter, you must also configure the credentials used to identify your API requests. You can configure the credentials with the following procedure:

  1. Visit the Real Voice -> Options menu
  2.  Proceed to the Text-to-Speech tab
  3.  Enter your key in the API Key option available in the ElevenLabs section
  4.  Click Save Settings

The plugin provides you additional options to configure your use of the Amazon Polly cloud service. These options are available in the ElevenLabs section of the Text-to-Speech tab:

  • Voice ID – Voice ID to be used.
  •  Optimize Streaming Latency – Select a latency mode.
  •  Stability – This option determines how stable the voice is and the randomness between each generation.
  •  Similarity Boost – Optimize for clear, artifact-free voices or enhance for speaker resemblance.
  •  Style – Select the voice style.
  •  Use Speaker Boost – Whether to boost or not, the similarity to the original speaker.
  •  Model – Select a text-to-speech model.