Configure the SpeechSynthesis Text to Speech Converter

To configure the SpeechSynthesis text-to-speech converter in the Real Voice plugin, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the Real Voice -> Options menu
  2.  Proceed to the Text-to-Speech tab
  3.  In the Text-to-speech Converter option, select SpeechSynthesis (Browser). This option is available in the General section.
  4.  Click Save Settings

The plugin provides you additional options to customize the resulting utterance. These options are available in the SpeechSynthesis section of the Text-to-Speech tab.

  • Language – Select the language of the utterance. If set to “Auto”, the lang attribute value of the HTML tag will be used, or the user-agent default if that is unset too.
  •  Voice – Set the voice used to speak the utterance. Important note: Leave “Auto” for the best cross-browser support since the user’s browser may not support the selected voice.
  •  Pitch – This option sets the pitch at which the utterance will be spoken. It can range between 0 (lowest) and 2 (highest).
  •  Rate – The speed at which the utterance will be spoken. Enter a float representing the rate value. It can range between 0.1 (lowest) and 10 (highest).
  •  Volume – A float that represents the volume value, between 0 (lowest) and 1 (highest.)

For technical information on the technology used by the SpeechSynthesis text-to-speech converter included in the Real Voice plugin, see the following documents: