Retrieve the HTTP response status codes

The HTTP Status menu of Interlinks Manager allows you to retrieve the HTTP response status codes of the URLs used in the internal links.

Monitoring for these codes can help you identify broken links and redirects and more in general maintain the health, usability, and performance of a website.

You can update the HTTP Status data by following this procedure:

  1. Visit the Interlinks -> HTTP Status menu
  2. Click Update metrics to start a new analysis of the HTTP responses

Each row of the generated report will present the following information:

  • Post – The post that includes the link.
  • Anchor Text – The anchor text of the link.
  • URL – The URL of the link.
  • Last Check – The date and time of the last request sent to verify the HTTP response code.

Filter the Data

You can filter the data by response code or post title at any time using the dedicated filters section located above the data table.

Export the Data

Click the Export button to generate a CSV file that includes the report data. You can then open the generated CSV file with a text editor or with your favorite spreadsheet software to perform additional studies on your data.

Configure the HTTP Status Analysis

In the HTTP Status section of the Interlinks -> Options -> Advanced tab you can configure the number, frequency, and timeout of the requests used to verify the HTTP status code of your links.