Introduction to Interlinks Manager

The Interlinks Manager plugin allows you to easily analyze the internal links of your WordPress site, check their HTTP status, receive internal link suggestions, apply automatic links, and more.

Quick Start

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Visit the Interlinks -> Dashboard and Interlinks -> Juice menus to get an overview of your site’s internal links.
  3. Create automatic internal links by defining keywords using the Interlinks -> AIL menu or by bulk uploading keywords with the Interlinks -> Wizard menu.
  4. Use the plugin options in the Interlinks Manager -> Options menu to configure the plugin analysis and other advanced features.
  5. For more details on the plugin features, please refer to the plugin knowledge base.


This plugin makes use of the following resources:

You can find the actual copy of the license inside the folder used to store the library files for each library.