Generate link juice statistics

The Juice menu gives you information about the flow of link juice on the URLs of your website.

To get started, follow this procedure:

  1. Visit the Interlinks -> Juice menu
  2. Click the Update metrics button

Each row of the generated table will present the following information:

  • URL – The URL that receives the link juice.
  • Internal Inbound Links – The number of internal links received by the URL.
  • Juice – The link juice received by the URL.

Note that in the fourth column of each row, you can find two buttons. The Details View button should be used to open a table with the internal links that contribute to generate the overall link juice of the considered URL. The Export button should be used to download in CSV format a list of the internal links that contribute to generate the overall link juice of the considered URL.

Exporting Data

As with the other plugin menus used to display statistics you can export the entire archive of data in CSV format by clicking the Export button.

Data Filtering

You can filter the displayed data by the URL using the dedicated search field.