Introduction to Real Voice

The Real Voice plugin automatically generates a player with the audio version of your articles.

Text to speech conversion

The text-to-speech conversion can be performed with the browser (technically, the plugin uses the SpeechSyntesis interface of the Web Speech API) or with your favorite text-to-speech cloud service.

The text-to-speech cloud services with an integration in the plugin are the following:

Details on how to configure the available text-to-speech in the Real Voice plugin are available in the following documents:

Monitor API calls from the dashboard

Cloud services have a cost; consequently, monitoring the API calls and sending only the necessary requests to these services is very important.

With the included dashboard, you have the perfect tool for this job. For more information on this subject, see the guide on using the real voice plugin dashboard.

Customize the audio player

The standard audio player provided by the browser can’t be styled, and as a consequence, it can’t be used on websites that use a strict design system.

For this reason, we built an alternative HTML audio player that is completely customizable. For more information on the audio player customization options, see this guide.

Additional options

In the Real Voice plugin, we included options to configure the generated audio, customize the style of the player, and control the general plugin behavior.

Please note that the details on the single options are available by clicking the tooltip icon beside the option.