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Convert a WordPress shortcode to a block

This article will explain how to create a Gutenberg block that generates the same output of an existing shortcode. Note that the particular type of block explained in this tutorial is categorized as a Dynamic Block.

Create Radar Charts with WordPress

This post will guide you in creating radar charts for your WordPress website. Note that we will be completing this task with three different methods.

Create zebra striped tables with WordPress

Zebra striping is a visual technique used to improve the readability of tables. WordPress blogs that constantly publish statistics, prices of products, or, more in general, lists of items should consider this approach to make the life of their user easier.

Geolocate with GeoLite2 and PHP

With GeoLite2 and PHP, you can easily and for free retrieve geolocation data and create a custom experience for the user. In this article, you will find all the essential information required to download GeoLite2 and create your first geolocation script with PHP.

Best Hreflang Plugins for WordPress

I tried the top hreflang plugins for WordPress currently distributed in the repository to decide which one is the best for a WordPress website.

How to add Select2 in WordPress

Create well-styled and searchable select controls in your WordPress administrative menus with the Select2 JavaScript library.

Hreflang Script Variations in WordPress

Many SEO specialists believe that hreflang is only used to set the language and geographical target associated with the page. But there is a third categorization, the script.

Improve the shortcode performance with the WordPress Transients API

This article analyses how to cache the output of shortcodes with the WordPress Transients API, to improve the website's speed and reduce the weight on the server.

Create sortable soccer standings tables with WordPress

This article will show you how to create standings tables in WordPress with a specialized plugin. I will also give you an overview of other possible methods for creating standings tables in WordPress.

Create a Lightweight Cookie Notice Plugin for WordPress

Many cookie plugins for WordPress are available on the repository, but it's hard to find a performance-optimized solution for high-traffic websites. For this reason, I decided to create a lightweight cookie notice plugin for WordPress and share with you all the details of this implementation.

Create Custom SVG Admin Icons in WordPress

This article explains how to create a custom SVG icon for an administrative menu of WordPress. Create the icon in Illustrator Create a new document with Illustrator, and under the Project Details section, set the dimension of the image. Any size is fine as long as the width and height are equal. It’s now the […]

Create Bar Charts in WordPress

Bar charts are a very common type of chart used primarily to visually compare variables. A WordPress administrator that needs bar charts in its post has both the option to install a chart plugin or upload images generated with external programs.

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