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The Best Markdown Plugins for WordPress

In this article, you can find my personal list of the best Markdown plugins for WordPress, their features, and my take on them.

Create sortable tables in WordPress

In this article, I'm focusing my attention on the sorting capabilities of League Table. A versatile table plugin that uses the JavaScript library TableSorter to perform single-column and multi-column sorting based on the user's selection.

Create dynamic SVG with PHP

In this article, I'm going to cover different techniques to create SVG images with PHP.

How to password protect a WordPress block

In this article, you will learn how to create password-protected WordPress blocks for various types of content.

Create soccer competitions in WordPress

Let's see how to use the Soccer Engine plugin to create soccer competitions on your WordPress website.

Filter the content of single blocks with WordPress

WordPress provides you two hooks to filter the content of the single blocks. Let's see how to use them in this short article.

Create automatic links to product pages in WordPress

This tutorial will show you how to create effective auto-links to your product pages with the best plugins currently available for WordPress.

Create soccer formations in WordPress

In this article, you will learn how to create soccer formations in WordPress with specialized WordPress plugins.

How to make a WordPress plugin translatable

A tutorial on making a WordPress plugin translatable. This method works for plugins hosted on or other platforms.

Convert a WordPress shortcode to a block

This article will explain how to create a Gutenberg block that generates the same output of an existing shortcode. Note that the particular type of block explained in this tutorial is categorized as a Dynamic Block.

Create Radar Charts with WordPress

This post will guide you in creating radar charts for your WordPress website. Note that we will be completing this task with three different methods.

Create zebra striped tables with WordPress

Zebra striping is a visual technique used to improve the readability of tables. WordPress blogs that constantly publish statistics, prices of products, or, more in general, lists of items should consider this approach to make the life of their user easier.

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